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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Introducing ClickN SPELL®: Spelling Made Easy “One Click at a Time”

Introducing ClickN SPELL®: Spelling Made Easy “One Click at a Time”
New E-Learning Innovation Hailed by Parents and Educators

Los Angeles-CA-July 1, 2009- ClickN KIDS, makers of the worlds’ advanced children’s educational software is proud to announce the launch of their latest research backed children’s program, ClickN SPELL! ClickN SPELL is a K-5th grade spelling program delivered entirely online and complies with state and federal requirements. ClickN SPELL is now available any time anywhere for both home and school users alike.

Five years after the highly successful launch of their acclaimed ClickN READ Phonics, now used in over 120 countries, ClickN KIDS is very excited about their latest release. Using state of the art technology along with the latest proven research and feedback from a whole lot of kids, ClickN SPELL combines sound learning principles and good old fashion fun in every lesson!

Both ClickN READ Phonics and ClickN SPELL were authored by nationally recognized research professor Dr. J. Ron Nelson. The patent-pending online spelling program features a loveable animated character who acts as a spelling buddy for children. The program also includes student assessment reports, accurately tracking the progress of all users. The breakthrough spelling program is a series of 100 fully-animated and interactive online lessons. ClickN SPELL incorporates the 800 most commonly used words that account for 80 percent of the words K-5 students use.

“We’re pleased to introduce ClickN SPELL because it teaches children how to become proficient spellers on their own, at their own pace and having fun too. The internet allows us to deliver the best scientifically based learning software anytime anywhere in the world there is internet access” said Armie Carabet, CEO of ClickN KIDS Inc. “This innovative design is an industry first and is why the program is such a fast and natural process for teaching children,” added Carabet.

E-Learning Innovation Makes Learning How to Read Fun and Automatic

“This program represents the latest in e-Learning technology. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and built ClickN KIDS on that philosophy. ClickN SPELL is not only based on advanced spelling research and is educator-approved, but it’s also pure fun! So much fun for kids that it’s become a favorite part of day,” said Alan Scalone, ClickN KIDS President. “Children are even asking their Parents to go play ClickN SPELL.”

The Copy, Cover, Compare (CCC) instructional practices used in ClickN SPELL have proven that this approach to spelling is a simple, efficient, self-managed academic intervention. This method can be successfully used to improve the spelling accuracy and fluency for students and can even improve academic skills overall.

Industry Best 60 Day Guarantee and the ONLY Phonics & Spelling Programs Guaranteed to Teach Students to Read and Spell

After seeing first-hand how effective the ClickN READ Phonics program is, the company has extended its unprecedented “Completion Guarantee” to ClickN SPELL. “This is a straightforward guarantee,” said Alan Scalone. “If anyone completes the 100 ClickN SPELL lessons and does not become a proficient speller, we will provide a 100% refund,” said Scalone.

ClickN KIDS’ programs are designed to meet the rigid standards required for use in schools yet simple enough for a child to use on their own. Developed by one of our nations’ leading experts to take full advantage of the latest teaching technologies, ClickN KIDS offers sound instructional tools into any home or school at very affordable prices.

For interview requests, free program samples or more information, contact ClickN KIDS at 1-877-CLICK-ABC, or by email contact form at

About ClickN’ KIDS

ClickN KIDS, Inc., a cutting edge edutainment company was founded over 6 years ago and provides schools, parents, and individuals state-of-the-art, educator-approved interactive software that teaches students of all ages how to read and spell on their own via any computer with internet. Through a series of 100 entertaining and fully interactive online lessons for each, both ClickN READ Phonics and ClickN SPELL simulate a “live” teaching environment – prompting students, providing instant feedback, positive reinforcement, and comprehensive assessment reports. Developed by nationally recognized research professor Dr. J. Ron Nelson, the programs are based upon the latest research conducted by the National Academy of Sciences and the National Reading Panel, and it meets all No Child Left Behind standards. As comprehensive and proven stand-alone direct instruction phonics reading and spelling programs, they can also be used to greatly enhance instruction provided by schools. In fact, ClickN READ Phonics has been used successfully in more than 2000 schools nationwide and has become an invaluable resource for home school students, ESL adult students, autistic and dyslexic children, as well as international students in more than 120 countries. ClickN SPELL may be accessed online at: