Instructions to Repair Lesson Playback

Make sure you are running the latest Abobe Flash Player
To ensure proper performance, make sure you have the latest Abobe Flash Player.

Download it here FREE!

  • The lessons do not playback properly

  • They do not load and start properly

  • Lesson playback stops before the lesson is completed

  • Any other problem occurs with lesson playback

Incorrect lesson playback is the only problem that occasionally occurs with our product. This is caused by the Adobe Flash Player browser plugin becoming corrupted. This DOES NOT mean that you have had a virus attack on your computer. There are several reasons that the Flash Player plugin can become corrupted that are beyond our control.

Please use the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser program to first confirm that these instructions have corrected the lesson playback before using other brands of browsers. Print out this page and read all of these instruction steps before proceeding. These steps are ONLY for Microsoft Windows systems. If you have a Macintosh system, click the Apple on your Menu bar and select Software Update and install any available updates. This may require a system restart.

If you are still experiencing Flash problems, please contact Customer Support

Download Adobe Flash Uninstaller
CLICK HERE to start the Flash Player removal program. When you click the link a box will appear. Click the "OPEN" button to start the removal program.

Uninstall Adobe Flash Player
A box will appear that says "Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller." Click "Uninstall" button. When the removal program completes you will see a box that says "Flash player successfully uninstalled."

Install Adobe Flash Player
CLICK HERE to visit the Adobe Flash Player Installer page. Click Download Now and follow the prompts to complete the installation.

Clear Browsing Data
Once the installation is complete, clear all browsing history including cache, cookies, and shortcuts and exit your browser.

Continue to Run Lessons
Open a new browser, visit our website, login to your account, and try running the lesson again.

Still didn't fix the problem?

Visit our Contact section to contact Customer Support!