Tips for Finding the Right Spelling Program for Kids

If your child struggles with his or her lessons, you may want to consider a good spelling program to help them.  This will mean teaching them more effectively and ensuring that they're keeping up with their lessons.  It can also mean pinpointing the areas in which they struggle so you know where they can make improvements.

When you go online to shop for a spelling program you may be surprised at your options.  There are those that encourage the use of phonics and others that may include games and other enjoyable elements.  Some are more structured and may include just rote lessons that the child memorizes over and over again.  This can make it difficult for parents to find the best spelling program for their child.

How do you make the choice to find the right spelling program for your child, with so many options and programs?  Here are some very quick tips to consider in this regard.

Making it fun

You may wonder why a spelling program would use games and things like puzzles, word searches, and so on.  This makes learning fun for children and this means they may want to go over their lessons more often.  When something is fun, it also may be easier to learn and a spelling program is no exception.  The brain needs to focus on information for several consecutive seconds before that information is committed to memory.  When children find learning enjoyable, they'll be focused on that learning for longer and this means they may remember it more readily.

Choose a spelling program that is fun for the child.  Word games, word searches, games where you write out words that rhyme, and things like old-fashioned hangman can encourage a child's learning.  Don't assume that if it's fun, this must mean it's pointless and ineffective.  Remember that schools often use games, songs, music, and elements like this when they cover a spelling program, and with good reason!  This encourages a child's learning and actually makes learning more effective.

Go at their pace and their level

The best spelling program will be one that your child understands because of the level they're at currently.  This may mean their grade level, but if they're struggling it may be something more basic for them.  At the same time, a child that excels may need a spelling program that is past their current grade level.  This will keep them from getting bored and frustrated as they're ready to move on.

A good spelling program will allow children to move forward at their own pace and will ensure they concentrate on lessons they do need to spend extra work on.  As a parent, you may need to go over certain lessons more than once and this can make it more effective.  Remember that the spelling program you purchase will not dictate how you administer or use the program, so be attune to your child's progress and be sure you make changes accordingly.